We offer comprehensive services to the steel industry throughout the world. Based on our over 100 years of steel manufacturing experience, we supply economical, efficient and optimised steel cast solutions.

Machined by us

Thanks to our extensive and versatile machinery we are able to supply customers with machined products. Our solutions are finished to strict tolerances and tested to ensure quality products.

Laboratory-tested quality

We have the use of our own laboratory and staff. This guarantees reliability and quality assurance. Material tests provide us with the technical characteristics, corrosion tolerance and chemical make-up of the steel casting. In addition, we conduct active metallurgical development work and research.

The importance of simulations

The newest tools and software enable forward-thinking design. Our aim is to always manufacture a high-quality cast product. We also inspect the design submitted by our customers and offer development ideas as part of our close cooperation, if necessary.

The best materials

Our vacuum-treated steels are famous for their weldability and ductility in machining. Vacuum treatment can be used to achieve castings of exceptional quality with a very low content of impurities.

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Coiler Drums

Our coilers are used in steel mills around the world. They are manufactured from our heat resisting vacuum-treated Drumlok® steel that has been especially developed for high temperatures and challenging conditions.

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