Bowed spreader rolls are used in paper, paperboard and pulp machines, as well as in textile and plastic machines for spreading the pulp and material onto the web. We have manufactured more than 1,000 spreader rolls and supplied them worldwide to more than 30 countries.

Our roll production has been certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality assurance system. We only use high-quality raw materials and components from approved suppliers.

Made to work

The spreader rolls are manufactured from steel and coated with rubber. The finishes are selected based on the use and the customer's wishes. For great web velocities, the surface of the roll may be grooved to enhance the spreader roll's performance. In addition, our spreader rolls can be fitted with vibration and temperature sensors. The measurements extend the life span of the roll and help prevent issues with maintenance.

Finishes for steel-sheathed rollers

• Hard chromium
• Chromium Teflon
• Wolfram carbide
• Wolfram carbide & Teflon

Finishes for rubber-sheathed rollers

• Nitrile-rubber NBR, black
• Hydrated nitrile-rubber HNBR, red
• Hypalon CSM, blue
• Silicone rubber, pink or light brown

In addition, rubber-sheathed rolls can be fitted with seamless, etched Teflon socks to ease the detachment of the sheath.


TEVO produces high-quality rubber and rubber-metal products for demanding industrial applications including flexible rubber couplings for spreader rolls. In them TEVO has its own patented design. Thanks to their characteristics the steel-reinforced flexible TEVO® rubber couplings make spreader roll’s shell tight and uniform.
In connection with overhauls TEVO can fabricate fully identical rubber couplings for your existing bowed rolls. Couplings are made by using a specially tailored mold in which the rubber material is put and then processed in a logic-controlled press. TEVO has individual molds for most coupling types of any roll make and design being on the market.

TEVO® rolls and innovations

We have the largest spreader roll selection and the most patents related to spreader rolls on the market. Our rolls feature even operation, long life and the ease of use and installation.


A heavy duty spreader roll with special emphasis on vibration control.

A spreader roll designed for large rotation speeds with exceptional bearings to guarantee maintenance-free operation.

Our most popular spreader roll model whose end sealing can be re-lubricated.


We service steel- and rubber-sheathed spreader rolls. The customer is provided with an intermediate report during maintenance and a testing record after the actual maintenance operations.


Steel-clad TEVO® C30 –spreader roll

TEVO® C30 –type is the strongest spreader roll designed for demanding environment in wire and felt press section of a paper machine. It has two bearing in each segment joined together with a patented steel-reinforced TEVO® rubber coupling – the structure is completely tight.

Due to its robust construction TEVO® C30 spreader roll will withstand any bigger web tensions and operating speeds. In addition, it can be lifted from its body which is a great advantage when mounting a roll in narrow places. The TEVO® C30 bowed roll rotates smoothly and without vibrations.

Reasons for better durability

- roll dimensioning according to application
- faultless TEVO® couplings
- precision-machined parts
- accurate dimensioning and mounting of bearings
- tightness of roll ends
- right lubrication
- right balancing
- right coating type



  • ● Efficient spreading effect due to better web control

  • ● No need for any drive pulleys and belts

  • ● Easy to install and use

  • TEVO® spreader roll with Direct Drive is applicable for all positions in a paper machine. Operating speed of the roll can be adjusted precisely with the web speed. At low speeds the Direct Drive is supplied with a planetary gear for the use, for example, in press and drying section of a pulp machine.

    Your existing spreader roll can be modified to a TEVO® Direct Drive roll during a roll overhaul.


  • ● Enables to set an optimal curvature for different paper grades

  • ● Eliminates wrinkles and creases of the web -> even paper quality

  • ● Easy and reliable to use

  • Both steel-clad and rubber covered TEVO® spreader rolls can be equipped with a hydraulically adjustable bow height. TEVO® Vari-Bow is easy and reliable to use. The roll is supplied together with hydraulic hoses and hand pump. It is suitable especially for size press, coater and slitter applications.

    A spreader roll with variable curvature helps to define the needed bow height for future spreader rolls with fixed bow height to be used at the same position.


  • ● Spreader roll’s bow direction can be adjusted quickly and smoothly

  • ● Ready for use

  • ● Compact size, no need for lubrication.

  • Turning of the shaft is carried out with the help of a small-size electric gear motor, it can be done either from the roll end or directly from control board. In addition, sensors can be mounted for the shaft adjustment unit to keep a limited turning range.

    Motorized shaft adjustment is a good choice for such a position where spreader roll is situated in a narrow place or high in the upper part of a pulp or paper machine.


  • ● For high operating temperatures

  • ● Cools off roll body efficiently

  • ● Increases roll lifetime

  • TEVO®-spreader rolls cooling is achieved with pressurized air, its use is safe and it doesn’t expose roll parts to corrosion. Pressurized air going through the roll cools off simultaneously the shell and bearings.

    An air-cooled TEVO® spreader roll is a very good solution to eliminate any markings caused by excess heat for susceptible paper grades.