Quality Assurance

Tevo Lokomo quality assurance works for the customer satisfaction, we make sure that the customer requirements are fulfilled and only high quality castings are delivered.

The quality controlling is performed by our experienced and independent quality personnel. We have qualified Level II and III inspectors for nondestructive testing, CMM for the dimensional evaluation, metal laboratory for the control of material properties and quality engineering for the assurance of the product conformity through the manufacturing process. The final product inspections are witnessed by our customers to be a way to prove the promise of high quality castings.

In the name of continuous improving it is a part of the foundry quality management to organize regular audits internally or externally by our customers. Castings are produced in accordance with Quality Assurcance system that complies with ISO 9001, certified and audited by Lloyds. We have manufacturing approvals by classification societies:

  • Russian Maritime Register,
  • Lloyds Register and
  • American Bureau of Shipping.
  • PED

Quality is the word our customers associate to the name of Tevo Lokomo steel foundry.