The steel casting manufacturing is a complex process with a very large number of process variables. The key for good quality is process know how, process control and up to date manufacturing equipment. Our vacuum refining process with “Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization Converter” VODC gives us an advantage in demanding steel casting manufacturing.

Machining workshop is an integral part of Tevo Lokomo steel foundry. Among other CNC machines we have two five axis milling machines used mainly for hydro turbine components and ship propellers. We use the latest 3-D programming and simulation tools for effective machining.

Advantages of Vaculok® steels:

  • very low level of impurities
  • reduced risk for casting defects, such as gas porosity
  • better toughness and fatigue strength
  • better weldability
  • better resistance for hot cracking and cold cracking
  • improved casting properties and machinability

The size range of our products is roughly from 200 kg up to 30 tons.