Industries Served

At Tevo Lokomo steel foundry we serve our customers in several demanding industries. Typically our steel castings are used in applications where high strength, corrosion resistance, thermal resistance of a combination of those is required. The superior weldability and mechanical properties of the vacuum refined Vaculok® steel castings is valued by many of our customers. Depending of the customer needs we can offer our castings in as cast condition or finish machined ready for assembly.

  • Ship Propulsion
  • Mining
  • Hydro Power
  • Steel Mills
  • Pulp and Paper equipment
  • Industrial Valves
  • Rock Crushing equipment
  • Offshore
  • Some special applications

At Tevo Lokomo steel foundry we always target for a long term customer relationships. This means co-operation with Customers to find the best solutions. We offer our services and know how in new product design and engineering, material selection, quality assurance.