tevo lokomo steel foundry

TEVO LOKOMO steel foundry is one of the leading foundries supplying cast components for demanding applications. The castings manufactured in the city of Tampere, Finland are shipped worldwide. Our Tampere foundry stands with over 100 professionals of steel strong, and we have the experience of TEVO's other offices in the cities of Raahe and Turenki with us. Together we will serve our clients in close and efficient cooperation.

We are a certified manufacturer for heavy industries and serve the major fields in it:


Our strength for over 100 years has been the cutting-edge knowhow in steel and casting, and our ceaseless research & development into serving our clients better. Our professionals help you in design and guide you through the manufacturing so that your company will get the best possible solution. 

Our simulation and machining capabilities further ensure your satisfaction. We approach our work with the performance and the life cycle of the solution in mind. Hot, cold, or wear - our steel endures.

Let us help you in your journey - We are ready!