Bronze propellers

TEVO LOKOMO delivers NiAl bronze-cast custom and fixed pitch propellers for marine vessels and oil drilling platforms. Propellers are designed each individually based on basic data from the client to reach optimal performance on terms of functional parameters and comply with permitted noise and vibration values. Casting, machining and grinding are carried out at our Turenki works under the same roof. The max weight of our propellers delivered so far is 33 tons and max diameter up to 7 meters, but after commissioning of the newly acquired heavy-duty carousel lathe TEVO LOKOMO will be able to fabricate propellers up to 10 meters in diameter and 60 tons in finished propeller weight.

Reconditioning and repair of used propellers is also a part of the services that we offer. In addition, we are specialized in reconditioning of stainless steel propellers.

TEVO's propeller production is certified by major international classification societies like ABS, Bureau Veritas, DNV, Germanischer Lloyd, Korean Register and Lloyd's Register.

Attached is an article portraying TEVO LOKOMO's specialization in propulsion systems and equipment, the editorial was published in the Seatec International Maritime Review 2/2011 magazine: .