Materials Technology

Tevo Oy acquired Metso’s Materials Technology group (former Metso Powdermet Oy) together with Lokomo Steel Foundry in April 2015. The new company (Tevo Lokomo Oy) continues to supply materials technology solutions for various industries and equipment manufacturers. Our solutions offer lower life-cycle costs and improved performance compared with the competing solutions in the market. For example, the product group has supplied demanding components and projects to energy, chemical, pulp&paper and oil&gas industries. We have participated also European big science projects (CERN’s LHC project and ITER project). The product group incorporates a special knowhow on development, design and fabrication of powder metallurgical products to respond to individual customer needs. The development, design and manufacturing of the products is carried out using in-house resources (engineering, material testing and manufacturing facilities) and selected partners in the outsourced production phases.