Our service and solution innovations include the development, design and manufacture of powder metallurgic products. The development work is conducted using internal resources and together with our carefully selected cooperation partners who meet our quality and process requirements.

Development and performance

We have supplied demanding components and projects for our customers in the energy, chemicals, pulp and paper as well as oil and gas industries worldwide.

Our innovation solutions offer lower life cycle costs and improved performance compared to competing solutions.

Science and research

We have participated in major European energy-related science and research projects. We supplied more than 3,000 components to the CERN LHC particle accelerator.

We developed powder metallurgic parts for the ITER fusion energy research using the HIP technique together with VTT (Technical Research Centre of Finland).



PM HIP technology

The technology was first developed for aviation and military uses. It can be used to manufacture the most demanding solutions that are complex in structure and internally intact.

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Coating technology

Solutions may be coated in different ways to improve their surface characteristics, e.g. against wear, to increase corrosion resistance or to restore the dimensions to suit the use.

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Joining techniques

The largest HIP manufactured parts are assembled by joining together smaller parts. We employ several methods which all produce seams that are of the same quality as the actual pieces.

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