Engineering Workshop

TEVO has a prominent number of references on machine engineering deliveries throughout the world and our international representative network is at your service when needed.

Skilled professionals, modern and versatile machinery guarantee high quality of TEVO's engineering – quality is always the most important criterion to guide any work at TEVO.

Machining of heavy-weight items

TEVO Ltd has a large-sized carousel lathe equipped with rotating instruments for manufacturing of cylindrical pieces. Its table diameter is 4,5 m, height over 2 m and loading capacity 60 tons. The carousel lathe complies with all isothermic norms and the machining result is outstandingly high.

Furthermore, heavy rotating equipment, mangles, sub-merged arc machines and know-how to use them are TEVOs strengths in manufacturing cylinders and drums. TEVO has acquired, for example, a Wilhelmsburger DWV 50/3700 mangle for demanding plate bendings, its rolling width comprises max 3700 mm and plate thickness 60 mm.

TEVO fabricates cylinders and drums based on customer needs from one meter in diameter and upwards as complete deliveries and also through sub-contracting to other engineering workshops. TEVO can also assist in cylinder design.

TEVO machine engineering company has a versatile fabrication capacity: as examples of products made by us we can mention dust removal systems, filtration drums, bark presses, crushers, pressure vessels and reservoirs as well as diverse demanding steel structures.