Coiler Drums

Our Coiler Drums are used in Steckel mills all around the world. Our registered Vaculok®steel has been developed specifically to operate in extreme temperatures and very demanding circumstances.

We base our design and work on life cycles of our solutions and our own continuous research and development.

Our solutions are efficient, economic and they have long life cycles

Development in Cooperation

We develop our solutions and our manufacturing methods continuously. This begins with listening closely to the professionals who we work with and who need our solutions to go forward towards better success. We excell in designing special surface solutions and improving the internal structures of the Coiler Drums. 

We can manufacture solutions based on our clients' own designs and offer our expertise to optimize the finalized item.

A Coiler Drum is meant to be used and therefore it will wear. Our solutions have been developed to rise to the challenges of the business. Our Coiler Drums have been optimized for long life cycle and the economy in mind. 

Our professionals will help you gladly. You can contact us below for the best possible solution for your demands.


From the Year

20 – 30 pcs / Year

Manufactured and shipped
Nearly 300 pcs

Weight scale
1 – 26 tons